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Friday, 30 January 2015

Hug Tight This Happy Hug Day 2015: How To Enjoy?

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Valentines week is incomplete without the hug day. Make your hug day special by sending this beautiful message of love and recreate the love you share.

Happy Hug Day 2015

Happy Hug Day 2015, Happy Valentines Week 2015, Happy Valentines Day 2015
Happy Hug Day 2015, Happy Valentines Week 2015, Happy Valentines Day 2015

I am clinging onto hope with a mere thread and that too of foolishness but you must understand that I have spent my life on dandelions and shooting stars for you. And when you came, my eyes lit up, for you were like a comet –Your blazing brilliance awakening me but leaving me too much empty that I was before. You left me astounded and on my knees because even as you passed by me you took all that was left of my heart.

Now I can barely even walk but I am still hoping that I will see you again and even if my legs don’t function I would probably crawl to you, my love.
We couldn’t be near each other without wanting to kiss bruises into the other’s mouth. And it was a curse, really, it was. There was nothing poetic or beautiful about it. We got addicted to the way our hearts exploded stars into our lungs but it was breaking our ribs at the same time and we realized that only when we stopped kissing.
When my life become flooded with too much sorrow you dove right to save me from my lungs filling up with muddy water and all I saw when we were on shore was the way you kept uttering my name like I wasn’t from earth but from the sun but baby I swear you are the one whose smile blinded me, you were the one who left me breathless with only just a slight smirk and I shudder to think what a laugh might do to me.

Happy Hug day 2015.

Happy Propose Day 2015: Show Love To Your Crush

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A letter to propose your loved one!

Happy Propose Day 2015

You have taught me so much without touching me. I didn’t think I could ever walk down a street without holding a hand, but I seem to be running down a street without holding yours. May be it’s because I am following your voice and it feels so safe.
Like the words from your lips make for a duvet that is forever protecting me from a downpour that always seems to burn my skin. It is terrifying to think of how your silence might hurt more than what the sky sometimes scald me with.
But you are so warm. I had liked to bask in you for so long as the stars permit. Even from across the sky I can imagine myself buried in your chest as you stroke my hair. I can always feel my skin reddening from the kisses I would have received to be during silenced during arguments.
And god, those butterflies wouldn’t escape me. They still don’t.
I want you to know that you are the “Could have been” in my story. There is a possibility that you may not leave me with scars that speak of bravery, you will leave one that speaks of longing and wanting. A yearning that I am still hoping I will never know of. But yours would be the only scar that I would look at it and smile, hoping you are happy, wherever you might be.
I love you.

Happy Propose Day 2015.

Love is Beautiful, but When Ends? - The Sour Truth

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Isn’t love a beautiful journey? But what happens if who people who are meant to be on the same path drift away? Don’t let your love drift away on this Valentines Day 2015.

Happy Valentines Day 2015:

Happy Valentines Day 2015
Happy Valentines Day 2015
She got up in the middle of night one day and saw him sleeping next to her.

He must have returned only just a while ago, she thought. His back was towards her, he was clutching the blanket against his body. It reminded her of the way she had always held him-a bit too close to her heart. His body had made a permanent dent between her lungs, one that she no longer wanted.
She took off his promise from around her neck. She smiled. He had given it to her on their eighth anniversary. She sat next to him.
“I am sorry for letting our love become empty and hollow but there are city lights that I need to bask in alone, and I must leave before they dim away, Here’s the truth-I don’t know if I will ever be able to love like that again. I don’t know if I will ever be brave enough to shed a tear in front of you, or kiss you in a crowd or dance with you barefoot as the moon light kisses our skin. But I will offer you whatever is left of my heart, and though it’s not much-it’s pretty much all I have. I hope that’s enough for you to still hold my hand and my memories.” she whispered.

She kissed him one last time and left another ‘I am sorry’ onto his cheek, and left.

Bitter Sweet Symphony – Happy Valentines Day 2015!

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Is you love becoming your addiction? Well, if yes, it can be dangerous. Never let your lover be your addiction as when they leave, you won’t be able to overcome the after effects. Happy Valentines Day 2015!

Happy Valentines Day 2015!

Minute by minute, my lungs immerse in fumes. Smoke is all that consumes me. The mere thought of it has become comforting. Imagine what every drag must do to me. My god, it is the most blissful of the acts.
Happy Valentines Day 2015
Happy Valentines Day 2015
Every puff is heavenly. Every bit I inhale sends sparks up my spine. Every pinch I inject is euphoric. Ironically, it helps me breathe. The breaths that feel short as you walked out, don’t feel so forced anymore. The shakiness in my knees is to a minimum- only on days where I can’t get my hands on one of the packs.
The frailty in my voice is almost gone. Great, isn’t it? I am cured. At least I thought so, until you came back with that look on your face. I have ignored their pitiful gazes and sorrowful glances all this time. Baby, don’t look at me like that. It opens the old wounds. I want to shout at you, screaming that I am better without you but you have known me. You’d catch the lies dripping from my empty words.
I hate how you have become my bitter sweet symphony. And I can’t stop replaying you. Heck, I have failed to erase you. I have fallen week, so much so that I couldn’t even replace you, let alone forget you. All the drugs in the world couldn’t make me forget you. Not even a hundred cigarettes could fill the void you have left me with, as you walked out the door. I wasn’t this insane. You did this to me. I was always an addict, I know. But this one’s you!
Don’t make your love an addiction, make it you obsession.
Happy valentines Day 2015.

Can it be Your Sad Valentines Day 2015?

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Serendipity? We all have those moments of ambiguity of doubt, of not knowing what actually is going on. So we try to make up our versions of the truth, to rationalize what we cannot understand. 

Can it be your Sad Valentines Day 2015?

We set out looking for a reason, so that it all makes sense, for we are never satisfied without one. In our pursuit we lose sight of what we are actually looking for, but still we keep on looking, and when we finally find an answer, it is never the right one. For there never is a right answer..
Happy Valentines Day 2015, Sad Valentines Day 2015
Happy Valentines Day 2015, Sad Valentines Day 2015

And then, you miss them even more. You just feel like running away from there. Some place where you don’t get to see them. Because whenever you see them your feelings get provoked again and you can’t get over them.
You hate the fact that you still love them even after they hurt you like hell. You know that you can’t hate them even if you try. You feel extremely sad, broken and incomplete when you see them around and realize the fact that you can’t have them. It hurts to the core, I know.
You pretend like nothing’s wrong but there’s nobody who can look through your eyes and tell you that you are not fine. You are drowning in depressions. Deep down you still wish to be theirs and only theirs. You have loved them like nothing else existed but them. And you have been hurt like hell, every day.
You hope they realize one day.
Crushes are like this only!

Happy Valentines Day 2015.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Beautiful article on Happy Promise Day 2015: You Must Read

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Let’s make some promises on this Happy promise Day 2015. Promise day is one of the most sacred day of all the days of the Valentines Day 2015 week.

Happy Promise Day 2015:

Happy Promise Day 2015, Happy Valentines Day Week 2015
Happy Promise Day 2015, Happy Valentines Day Week 2015

Take it. Take it. Take it.
Take my memories of purple flowers in my hair and the time I wore that dress that reached my ankles. I danced in it for hours because it made me feel pretty without being told so. Take the time I lay down in bed in the dark listening to my favourite song until I stopped tasting the salt in my tears and they started tasting like honey instead.
Here, take the time I watched the sunset all alone and I didn’t mind my hand being empty. Take the time I looked at my best friend and my heart cried because he is so smart and I am lucky to have him.
Let me place the few beautiful memories that I have in the palms of your hands and give you the power to crush them. Take all the magic from my eyes so that you can use it to perhaps brighten your day when it gets too dark. Rip my heart open and take that part that I had kept safe to only love myself when no one could.
Take it. Take it. Take it.
But promise me to be by my side every time I long for you. Promise me that I will never have to watch the sunsets without holding your hands, again. Promise me that you will compliment me when I will wear my favourite dress. Promise me to love me forever. Promise me that I will not have to cry again listening to sad songs and remembering sad memories.
Promise me that, when you say ‘forever’, you will mean it.
Happy Promise Day 2015

Read This Happy Kiss Day 2015 Story: You Would Surely Love!!

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Here we bring to you a sweet story of a couple to make your happy kiss day 2015 more and more special.

Happy Kiss Day 2015

Happy Kiss Day 2015, Happy Kiss Day Images
She looked nervous. It was odd to see her so tight lipped and rigid, but he knew she wasn’t too fond of crowds. And this seemed exactly the kind she would have avoided. She was wearing a black dress and although the lights at the party weren’t too bright, she still glittered. It was like standing next to chaos-the kind you had wanted to indulge in.
The kind that was difficult to ignore and even more hard to let go of! She was addictive. Her smile was his beginning and her laugh was his end. He lived to see her happy and lately she had been doing so well. They started swaying to the music. She followed his lead as they fell into a close dance.
Their foreheads touched. He wanted to her it was okay, he wanted to tell her she was safe with him- but the music was too loud. He took both her hands and kissed them while their bodies continued to sway. He wished and hoped his kisses could have scarred her skin with the promises his heart has just made. Promise, to do the best he can for her happiness, and the promise to never leave her side.
And as if she had truly heard them, he felt her relax. She looked into his eyes and smiled. She kissed her in the party itself.
“I will be always there for you too.” She said.

And all of them said “Happy kiss day 2015.”